10 Photos Of Hideous Sea Creatures



Fishing isn’t always associated with Halloween or being scary, and for good reason. About the only time you can’t sleep at night over fishing is when you let a big one get away and can’t understand how it happened. But out of fear? There’s not all that much scary stuff going on.

Your typical bass lake might have a hornet’s nest near by and that’s about the only scary aspect of angling. Until now. Check out these mutant-looking, nightmare fuel, terrifying monster fish:

Wolf Trap

Wolf Trap

Source: Cracked

I can’t make out any body parts on this fish except for the fishing pole, which is apparently a body part on a fish that exists.

Abyssal Sea Cucumber

abyssal sea cucumber

Source: Pinterest

This thing literally eats mud and I can’t think of a more accurate way to describe what I’m looking at.

Goblin Shark


Source: Ufl.Edu

Honestly a pretty rad name but he looks like if a 7 year old tried to draw a regular shark with his off hand

Sloane’s Viperfish

Sloane's Viperfish

Source: FineArtAmerica

According to Wikipedia this ugly fish is found in all tropical and subtropical oceans. So I’ll never be going in a tropical or subtropical ocean again.



Source: Irishtimes

Perpetually looking like he’s driving away from all his friends he’s going to miss with his face smushed against the car window.

Barreleye Fish

barreleye fish

Source: KidsDiscover

You can literally see through this guys head there’s nothing creepier than that, like the aliens from Mars Attacks!

Mata Mata

nightmare turtle

Source: Youtube

Not a fish, but felt like including this sea monster because I’m imagining him as the real life version of Bowser, who did give me nightmares as a young child.



Source: RealMonstrosities

No joke my friend Pete looked into the eyes of this picture for a full 10 seconds and he just disintegrated and we never saw him again.

Matsuba Koi

Matsuba Koi

Source: DragonRain

Every once in a while a Matsuba Koi mutation causes it to have a face that looks eerily human and even more eerily like my friend Pete. Maybe that’s where he went…

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