12 Transparent Animals You Won’t Believe Exist


You’ve never see transparent creatures like this before, but believe it they’re real! From the glasswing butterfly to the odd glass squid!

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6. The Glass Catfish
This species of Asian glass catfish can be found residing in Sumatra, Borneo, the Malay Peninsula, and etc. The small freshwater fish only grows to be almost 6 inches long and prefers to live in large rivers with peaty waters that have a low temperature for a tropical area, around 70 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit. This diurnal catfish survives off a diet of mostly water bugs and sometimes smaller fish by using its two long barbels to help them hunt for food. When the sun hits them just right, the glass catfish gives off an iridescent rainbow color and when it dies it turns into a morbidly milky-white color.

5. The Barreleye Fish
This bizarre-looking sea creature known as a barreleye fish, also called a spook fish, gets its name from the barrel-shaped form that its eyes have taken. These marine animals are mostly found living in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans that are known for their tropical-to-temperate waters. Their eyes are highly light-sensitive and are set looking upwards in order to see the shadows of its prey. Its head is the transparent dome in which the eyes lie in and the spots near its mouth aren’t actually its eyes but nares that are similar to our nostrils. Its organs are able to glow thanks to the presence of symbiotic bioluminescent bacteria in the water.

4. The Crocodile Icefish
This interesting fish with a ghost-like appearance lives in the southern regions of the ocean near South America, Antarctica, and New Zealand. It’s here that they survive in the water’s freezing temperatures thanks to the antifreeze that is produced by their body. What makes this fish remarkably unique is that they are the only vertebrates in the entire world who don’t produce any hemoglobin. For those of you that aren’t familiar, hemoglobin is a protein that your body produces that’s found in your blood and helps carry oxygen. Thanks to the ice cold temperatures of where they live, they don’t need hemoglobin because cold water has a higher dissolved oxygen content than warm water. They also possess nearly invisible blood.

3. The Glasswing Butterfly
Known by its two most popular nicknames in Spanish, “espejitos”, which means little mirrors, and “mariposa de cristal”, the crystal butterfly, this butterfly with transparent wings can be found living in the Latin American countries of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and etc. Like most butterflies, they only grow to be relatively small and have a wingspan of around 2.2 and 2.4 inches. Glasswing butterflies are known for the great distances that they often have to migrate to and have been spotted up North as far as Mexico and Texas. The males are known for gathering in large groups in order to perform their mating displays and compete with one another.

2. Transparent Mice
It was back in 2014 when researchers at the California Institute of Technology discovered a new way to view the various internal systems of dead mice. They created a technique that they call PARS, which stands for perfusion-assisted agent release in situ. Basically, what this is is that the mice are injected with a substance known as hydrogel and pumps it into the veins of the already deceased mice. The hydrogel creates a support system that is made up of polymer chains so that the lipids can be removed from the body without it completely collapsing. The process occurs during a two week period and scientists say this could aid in studying anatomy in even more depth.

1 . The Pram Bug
Considered to be only semi-transparent, the inch long Phronima crustacean happens to dwell all over the world’s oceans, except for in the polar regions. Don’t let its small stature fool you. What these tiny parasitoids lack in size they make up for it in being quite vicious. Female pram bugs will hunt marine animals called salps and use their claws and mouths to feast on their insides. That’s not the worst part. Once the animal is completely hollow, the female lays her eggs in the salp’s corpse that will act as mobile nest and provide her newborns with fresh food and water.

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