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Welcome to the Barreleye Zoology blog!

What does this blog aim to do? This blog aims to clarify zoology-based news in the media, including subjects which are often overlooked in mainstream media.

About the author: Katrina Sutherland is a third year Zoology with Conservation student at Bangor University. She has wide-ranging interests, which will be covered in this blog.

About barreleye fish: although it was discovered in 1939, the barreleye fish was first filmed in 2009.  It has a unique adaptation of a see-through head. It was first filmed in 2009. Little is known about the fish, other than it is found at depths of between 600 to 800 meters (2,000 to 2,600 feet) and it has tubular eyes which can rotate. These unique adaptations make it well-suited to a life in the deep sea.


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