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  • Fish With Transparent Head Filmed

    For the first time, a live Pacific barreleye fish—complete with transparent head—has been caught on video. The deep-sea fish’s tubular eyes pivot under a clear dome. –Published February 24, 2009

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  • The Mystery of the Barreleye Fish – YouTube

    4/7/2015 · In the Pacific Ocean, there lives a fish that’s . . . a little different. Hank tells you all about the Pacific barreleye fish! Hosted by: Hank Green —–…

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  • Barreleye Fish l Remarkable Head – Our Breathing Planet

    Barreleye Fish Habitat and Life Cycle. The Barreleye Fish inhabits the pelagic zone of the ocean. They typically live at depths ranging from 1,312-8,200 ft (400-2,500 m) which places their habitat just below the limits of light penetration.

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  • The Barreleye Fish: – Futurism

    Barreleye fish via MBARI News. Guys and gals, I’d like to introduce you to this little deep sea beauty known as the Barreleye fish (also known as the spook fish). These creatures are normally …

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  • How do you get a shot of the barreleye fish on mission …

    The barreleye fish is a small fish that lives in the deep to medium-depth parts of the ocean. Because this fish is so small, almost everything eats it, including squid, sharks, and tuna. share:

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  • 8: Barreleye Fish – 10 Weird Creatures From the Mariana …

    The barreleye fish wasn’t even known to humans until 1939, when it was pulled from its habitat 2,500 feet (762 meters) below the surface. Even then, the specimens were less than ideal because they collapsed in the pressure changes from deep to shallow.

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