Barreleye Fish with a Transparent Head T-Shirt


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Barreleye Fish with a Transparent Head T-Shirt

Barreleye Fish T-shirt modeled by Katie;
Great Vocab Didn’t Save the Thesaurus by Zac

Remember the barreleye fish (Macropinna Microstoma) post on Neatorama? Y’know, the one with the transparent head and internal eyes that rotate to see through the dome of its head? (Does this mean you can see what it’s thinking?)

Well, we LOVE the barreleye fish so much that we have to have a T-shirt about it! This fantastic design is by Wendy Barsotti (a very talented artist who also happens to have excellent collages for sale on her Etsy shop, Barsotti Designs). | Other Fun Science T-Shirts on Neatorama’s Online Shop


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