Barreleye Fish with see-through skull


The barrel eye or spook fish lives in the deep sea and has a unique way of making use of the small amount of light that exists in the deep. It has tubular eyes in a transparent head that look for faint traces of bioluminescence – biological light made by both prey and potential mates. But it also has special reflective parts too and is one of the unique visual systems in the animal kingdom – not bad for a creature that lives mostly in the dark!

The barreleye in the video is an accurately made one-off model, made partly from recycled plastic including old milk bottles. If you find them fascinating there are some ready made and good value deep sea models available. Among the most accurate I have seen are these: That’s an affiliate link and clicking it will give this channel a few cents so we can explore the sea together with future videos. They don’t appear to be made from recycled plastic unfortunately but are quite small yet very interesting as a display. The ‘Safari Bug’ tube in that link doesn’t include the barreleye fish but you can get a larger model through this affiliate link here: It’s good but based on another similar species to the one in this video, probably the ‘Ghost Fish’ – Opisthoproctus soleatuswith – and then a Victorian drawing of it so likely missing the jelly dome above the head that collapses when caught (so they didn’t see it or portray it in the drawing).

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