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  1. I’m ecstatic Esko has found happiness, good for him. I wish we lived in a time where the two worlds could blend and he could explore all his passions openly.

    And to hear his work has been passed along to keep it going is great news. Would be nice if the new strainkeepers would get to making some beans. Esko found some magical combinations and I want to run more of them.

  2. I started a few Strappleberry seeds. Figured it was about time to check if it was a girl or a boy. It’s a girl!

    Then I kept looking and saw something weird. Thought it was a male flower and I got a hermaphrodite. But it looks more like another branch is trying to grow at the node. Weird mutation?

  3. I’ve recently switched over to some clackamas coot style soil, and some of my plants aren’t in love with it. After a few weeks in flower, the new young leaves start turning pale, and I can tell the buds are stuggling to do what they need to do. Any suggestions on what this deficiency is and how I might overcome it?

    Purple Storm, 3.5 weeks into 12/12. Top leaf in the center of the pic just started showing the yellowing.

    Strawberry Blues, 8 weeks into flower. I think some Ouzbekistan pollen got loose when I collected some. Getting a few seeds per oz on a few of my girls. Looks like I got some Blues Ouz coming soon :). Yellowing looks worse in person, buds are rather pale to what I’m used to.

    Things got better when I started using some comfrey tea and kelp/humic once a week…but not quite there yet. Half of what I’ve been running does splendidly, the other half is missing something.

    Any suggestions?


  4. I had 4 females…ranged from caramalized tropical fruity cereal milk, a pineapple cream pheno, one had a bit of lemon and cream that morphed into a delicate orange hash. This one was strong orange with a bit of pineapple. All of them came out great…the mom didn’t want to veg, her children behave much better. She’s been on 11/13 for 55 days…prob pick her within a week. That hashy yogurt from the Spacequeen really dominates the profile the last week or two. Picking earlier the fruity notes are stronger and the buzz is crazy electric happy times.

  5. Queen Povich. My first pollen chucking experiment. Huckleberry Spacequeen x Maury Povich

  6. like i said, finished budsots

  7. Willie Nelson x SB OG (maybe SFV OG?)

  8. So the bag actually said “Willie Nelson x SB OG.” So maybe it’s not SFV like my crap memory memoried. But, came out rather nice. Smells like you opened a bag of limes, the deep rich lime skin smell. Smokes a bit sweeter, like limeade…with some dark earthy lime rind mixed in.

    I have no idea who made the seeds. Here’s the keeper…grows a bit slower in veg, about same stretch in flower though. The flavor has less of the almost bitter rind flavor. Highs were very similar, evenly balanced stoned and high.

  9. Huckleberry spacequeen x Maury Povich

  10. Air pots were the solution, thanks y’all!

  11. Nice looking extracts. Few more colors and you can start making some artwork, give a new meaning to oil painting!

    Been awhile since I’ve read through this thread. Was wondering if the COB lighting worked well for y’all. Was thinking of picking some up myself.

  12. Yeah, Chocolate Cheese is one that I hope comes back to the shop. What are the chances Esko would make enough to sell? That raspberry flavor drenching everything else that comes with it is quite amazing. Yields buckets too.

    Holy Princess is up there too. Such an intense red berry that lingers for awhile. I remember smoking a cigarette and it not overpowering that red berry aftertaste. Wish it yielded 3x as much as it did, I hoard this stuff all to myself.


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