Barreleye : Quiz (The Full Wiki)


Question 1: Dolichopteryx species are noted for
their paedomorphic features, the result of ________ (the retention of
larval characteristics).

Question 2: In all species a variable number of dark ________ colour the muzzle, ventral
surface, and midline.

Question 3: All species have large, telescoping eyes which dominate and protrude
from the ________, but enclosed
within a large transparent dome of soft tissue[4].

Question 4: This organ—analogous to the gizzard—consists of a small diverticulum (pouch)
wherein the ________ insert and interdigitate for
the purpose of grinding up ingested material.

Question 5: [5] The
opisthoproctid eye has a large lens and a retina with an exceptionally high complement of
rod cells and a high
density of rhodopsin
(the “visual purple” pigment); there are no ________.

Question 6: In all species the pectoral fins are inserted low on the
body, and in some the ________ are inserted ventrolaterally
rather than strictly ventrally.

Question 7: The ________ is either present or greatly
reduced, and may not be externally visible; it is strongly retrorse
in Opisthoproctus.

Question 8: What little is known of barreleye ________ indicates they are pelagic spawners; that
is, eggs and sperm are released en
masse directly into the water.

Question 9: Barreleyes, also known as
spookfish (a name also applied several species of
chimaera), are small, unusual-looking ________
osmeriform fish comprising the family


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