Creatures of the Mariana Trench Angler fish in Acrylic painting/ Acrylic color Deep Sea Angler fish


Creatures of the Mariana Trench Angler fish in Acrylic painting
সমুদ্রের সবচেয়ে নিচে মারিয়ানা ট্রেঞ্চে বাস করা অদ্ভুত প্রাণী
Most TERRIFYING Creatures In The Mariana Trench!
Acrylic color Deep Sea Angler fish
I painted this video in full acrylic color

– The Fangtooth is carnivorous and feeds on just about anything it can find that gets caught in its sharp-toothed mouth. These fish rely on their “contact chemoreception” to find prey.
– The Dumbo Octopus is the deepest living octopus scientists know of, according to They are known as “umbrella octopuses” since their arms are connected by webbed skin. When they spread them apart, they look like an umbrella…a slimy, hungry, deep-sea umbrella.
– You can see through the Barreleye Fish’s head! Some scientists believe that this transparent head lets the fish collect a bit more light in the dark depths of the sea, which gives them an advantage over other fish that hunt blindly.
– The Seadevil Anglerfish has a fishing-rod type appendage on its forehead that has a glowing light attached to the end to attract animals. Once these animals come close enough to the light — BAM! They’re captured by the Seadevil’s massive jaws.
– The Goblin Shark looks like a cross between a shark and a creature from your worst nightmare. These sharks boast a protruding sword-like snout with a jaw that juts out to match. Unlike other sharks that have more of a gray hue, this creepy thing looks not-so-pretty in pink.
– There are over 40 species of hatchetfish that sport thin bodies covered in shiny scales. That’s why they often look metallic. These fish only grow to be around 6”, but they’re able to handle the pressure of the deep sea, living 5,000 ft below the surface!
– Not quite. The Zombie Worm isn’t an undead creature of the deep sea; it is very much alive. It’s also known as the Bone Worm, and it can swallow bones of massive mammals like whales.
– Along with some other creatures on this list, the Deep-Sea Dragonfish relies on its bioluminescent body parts to catch prey. It also uses its hanging appendage, which boasts a little red light on the end, coming out from its lower jaw.
– Studying the Frilled Shark is like looking through a portal back to prehistoric times. That’s because scientists think that these eel-like sharks haven’t changed much since their oldest ancestors roamed the deep-sea waters, so they’re sometimes referred to as “living fossils.”
– Scientists believe Liopleurodon thrived in this deep-sea trench because of its ability to swim long distances and its 4 paddle-like limbs. While they probably weren’t able to propel themselves toward prey like other animals of the area, they did manage to accelerate and attack very ruthlessly and efficiently.

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