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Image: Falcon sitting on a gloved hand

Image: bluebird sitting on a tree limb


Image: Two Island Foxes

Image: Little boy holding tooth with a big smile now missing front tooth

Image: Sheldrick Wildlife Trust keeper with an orphaned elephant

Image: Cow sticking their tongue out!

Image: Close up of a dog nose with eyes looking up

Image: Goat with head cocked to the side looking at the camera with a bunch of grass in their mouth

Image: free diver with whales

Image: two wild pigs staring at the camera

10 minutes

[ Nature ]

Hunting for a Solution to the Damage from Wild Pigs

By Sam Burns

Wild pigs are one of the most destructive invasive species in the United States. They’re devastating ecosystems, destroying agriculture, killing other animals, and costing billions of dollars in damage. But there’s something that we can do, and it all ties back to who our species is at our roots.

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Image: Beekeeper pointing to bees

7 minutes

[ Nature ]

Mushrooms are Saving Honeybee Colonies!

By Sam Burns

Mushrooms are saving the day for us yet again! Did you know that 70% of the fruits and vegetables we eat count on bees for pollination, and yet bee populations are plummeting? But the good news here is that some mushrooms have been found to have an ingenious property that allows them to defend the beehives!

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Image: Rain forest Connection founder places a device in a tree that uses an old cellphone to detect illegal logging

Image: A team of people walk through a field of lupine picking up trash in a national forest

Image: Lionfish staring at the camera with their spines billowing out the side

Image: Two whales spy hop to see the world around them above the water

17 minutes

[ Animals ]

Here’s What Killer Whales Have in Common with Your Grandmother!

By Dr. Lynda

Killer whales have more in common with your grandmother than you may think. It’s a fascinating story and an opportunity for all of us to easily make the world a little better place today! Turns out, some wise elders of the Pacific Northwest, grandmother killer whales, are at a tipping point for their survival, but we can influence that quickly. This is an amazing story and a chance to be change-makers!

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Image: Large waterfall running between two green mountains

Image: Man walking with back faced to us, down a paved road between thick rows of trees growing along the sides

Image: Man standing underneath a rock arch looking up at the stars of the night sky

Image: a large school of silver fish swimming around a coral reef

Image: a chain of weaver ants bridges two leaves

Image: Three types of wasabi ground up

18 minutes

[ Culture ]

Travel to the Land Where Real Wasabi Grows!

By Sam Burns

Yes, it’s true, the “wasabi” you know is most likely not actually wasabi! We’re traveling into Japan to meet one of the people growing the real deal to learn more about the cultural impact of this product and why it’s so precious and pricey. It may remind us of a few of our own treasured treats!

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Image: Pygmy mammoth comparison to other mammoth species

14 minutes

[ Nature ]

The Mystery of the Mini Mammoths

By Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Fossils are the gifts that keep on giving! They hold mysteries that challenge our notions about what is possible, then leave us with new questions. So when the fossils of a tiny mammoth were found on islands off the coast of California, scientists had a multitude of questions. The biggest, of course, being: How did evolution shrink the mammoth?

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Image: Three men walk across a stone covered beach in on the Fundy Footpath with the Bay of Fundy behind them

50 minutes

[ Nature ]

Taking on the Fundy Footpath!

By Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Have you ever been inspired to embrace a passion for something and then quickly realized you don’t have the training to enjoy it as you imagined? Maybe what we can appreciate is something very different than what we had in mind, and that makes the adventure even better.

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Image: underwater shot of three dolphins. One dolphin is looking at the camera!

25 minutes

[ Animals ]

What Are Animals Trying to Say to Us?

By Sam Burns

What if animals have been trying to tell us things all this time… and we just can’t hear them? What if we could? What sort of insights could we glean from their experience in the world? Here’s a look at how technology is bringing us closer to them.

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Image: Close up photo of the face of a Black Soldier Fly with its tiger striped compound eyes

Image: Young girl holding up a sapling tree ready for planting

Image: the colorful inside of a polished coprolite

8 minutes

[ Nature ]

How Fossilized Poo Changed Our View on Dinosaurs

By Liesl Ulrich-Verderber

Fossilized dinosaur dung is one really precious gem! From these wonders (really, they are quite beautiful) we can understand the lives of animals that died millions of years ago and the details of their ecosystems. Not to mention, these fossils played a role in the life of one of the most notable women in paleontology!

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Image: sea turtle swimming

9 minutes

[ Happiness & Hope ]

Saving Precious Lives in the First Sea Turtle Hospital!

By Sam Burns

We’ve all been hearing that sea turtles need help… so, who’s been helping them? Some really inspiring people you’ll want to meet yourself! This fantastic video brings us into a sea turtle clinic to give us a look at what’s being done to save these ancient creatures from the injuries and diseases they’ve picked up as they go about. It’s a truly amazing place.

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~ Greg D.

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