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Ugly fishes no doubt, but who cares as long as they taste delicious.

The fish protects the anemone and gets to feed on parasites.

Ain’t nothing better than fish.

Apparently water damage doesn’t ruin laptops.

“Those fish sure are acting funny every-time you try to dial up.”

A fish that you drink instead of eat. Alright then.

Nature never ceases to amaze.

Beautiful image of this guy sending this poor fish to the afterlife.

Human, you will not feast tonight.

Although I’m guessing it won’t end well for the fish.

Apparently, that is how the fish court each other and get ready to reproduce. You know, fish sex.

This is the Blue Parrotfish (Scarus coeruleus). It can grow up to 120 cm, is a beautiful blue color, and lives in reef areas of the Atlantic around South America.

Okay, before I share today’s find with you, let me say that, when I first came across this, I was astonished and swore it was some sort of photoshopped trick. However, the Pacific barreleye fish is real and it really has a t…

Scenery, whether that be of nature of man-made entities like cities, is important for us people. In fact, I bet many dotTechies who have rented or bought a house, apartment, condo, etc. factored the scenic views (or lack thereof) …


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