Fish Guide – Cat became hungry


Oil Eel
148  Aetherochemical Spills 
A slimy, finless creature that more closely resembles a worm than it does a fish.
When assaulted by a predator, the oil eel will release copious amounts of a slick, mucous-like substance that prevents adequate purchase, allowing the wavekin to escape. Despite what the name suggests, the secreted substance does not actually contain any oil.
Jeweled Jellyfish
148  Aetherochemical Spills 
A luminescent jellyfish capable of surviving within the pools of aetherochemical residue collecting on Azys Lla.
Strictly a nocturnal hunter, this luminescent jellyfish uses the colorful light emitted by its body to lure insects and small fish into its inescapable web of poisonous tentacles.
Battle Galley
148  Rivers 
A freshwater fish native to all of Coerthas, but now primarily found in Ashpool.
With fins like billowing sails and a mouth like an armored ramming prow, this large freshwater fish not only has the appearance of a Lominsan battle galley, but also the strength─repeatedly butting larger prey until stunned and susceptible to attack.
Hinterlands Perch
150  Lakes 
A freshwater fish native to the Thaliak River.
A ferociously territorial fish, the hinterlands perch currently finds itself in a heated battle with several goblin-introduced foreign species over dominion of the waters of lower Dravania.
Oven Catfish
148  Magma 
A magma-dwelling fish found in the mountain flows of Mourn.
An ancient tome on culinary legend kept on display at the Bismarck tells the story of a man who climbed the highest peak in Abalathia’s Spine to catch the mythical catfish which swim the red-hot blood of Hydaelyn Herself. Upon drawing the fish from the lake of lava, he found the fish was already cooked, and proceeded to devour it, for the journey into the heart of the mountain had left him famished.
Winged Gurnard
148  Floating Islands 
A flying fish found in the skies around the Blue Window.
The wings of this flying fish are almost completely made up of concentrated aether─aether that dissipates once the fish has been caught, leaving naught but a skeletal frame.
Spring Urchin
180  Lakes 
A freshwater creature that prefers the warm waters released by the springs at Dragonspit.
Though found solely in the hyperborean reaches of Eorzea, the spring urchin can only survive in the heated waters of geothermal springs. A good number of the shrill howls that fill the Coerthan nights are from yeti who mistakenly step on the urchins’ spiked shells when wading through the natural baths.
Cherry Trout
148  Lakes 
Once found across Coerthas and Dravania, this reddish variety of trout now only survives in the heated waters of Dragonspit.
Contrary to popular belief, the cherry trout is actually named after the pinkish-red hue of its underbelly. And so doth continue mankind’s never-ending search for a cherry-flavored fish.
Black Magefish
150  Magma 
The ability to wield powerful black magic is only this fish’s second-most impressive characteristic, the ability to survive in scalding hot lava, the first.
Similar to how the sorcerer fish is able to manipulate its body’s fire-aspected aether, the black magefish is able to tap into the ice-aspected aether contained in its phlegmatic humours to perpetually cool its body, allowing it to survive in otherwise deadly molten lava.
150  Lakes 
A large freshwater fish found lurking in the floating Abalathian lake known as the Eddies.
The catkiller is a freshwater pike which uses its long, whip-like dorsal fin to impale gaelicats who fly too close to the water’s surface. Formerly called a “gaelicatkiller,” the amalgamation of three different words into one was deemed by naturalist circles far too difficult to read and subsequently shortened to its current (albeit equally unceremonious) moniker.
180  Magma 
A legendary lava-dwelling fish covered in thick armor and rumored to be the guardian of the gate of the Fire Hell.
Even with several live specimens having been caught and returned to Ul’dah for further study, many naturalists still deny the existence of magma-dwelling fish such as the lavalord, and dismiss the finding of their peers as lies concocted to gain fame.
Storm Chaser
180  Floating Islands 
A flying fish native to the skies of Tharl Oom Khash.
Inside the storm chaser’s belly lives a unique type of yeast which breaks down food to create a lighter-than-air gas which allows the fish to float. Short bursts of this gas from its rectum are used for propulsion. Yes, you read that correctly.
Berserker Betta
180  Rivers 
A small, yet hostile freshwater fish found in small numbers in the Thaliak River.
Sharlayan scholars deemed the berserker betta to be one of the most violent breeds of the already infamously violent family of betta. Despite having little to no chance of subduing a target, berserker betta will repeatedly attack fish three to four times larger than itself. This natural-born stubbornness has ensured the berserker population remains relatively small.
Functional Proto-hropken
180  Aetherochemical Spills 
A remarkably developed manlike fish living in the aetherochemical pools of Azys Lla.
Markedly more developed than the proto-hropken, the slightest hint of intelligence can be sensed when staring into this abomination’s eyes.
Coerthan Clione
180  Lakes 
Though believed by scholars to be a distant cousin of the snail, this tiny transparent mollusk does not have a shell.
Oft found thriving beneath the surface of the permanently frozen lakes of northern Coerthas, these shell-less mollusks wield a half-dozen scourge-like tentacles to throttle, asphyxiate, and then rend apart their prey.


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