I See Your Brain: Fish With The See-Thru Head


The Japanese have nothing on mother nature who has been birthing WTF oddities onto the earth and into the oceans since time began. The bizarre-looking Barreleye (or Macropinna Microstoma) is a deep-water fish that has tubular eyes (the green spheres in the picture are the lenses) surrounded by a transparent, fluid-filled shield that covers the top of the fish’s head.

The Barreleye uses its unique head shape to scan the water above it for prey. And when it spots some food, the Barreleye rotates its eyes to look forward so that its mouth comes into view. And boom goes the dynamite.

Click to play to watch a short clip about the Barreleye or go to YouTube.

Read more at AOL news – via Geekologie.


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