Interesting Facts – The Barreleye Fish


What Does It Eat?

Macropinna Microstoma steals food from (in my opinion, ugly) Siphonophorae.


How Deep Does The Spookfish Swim?

It swims about 2,000 feet below sea level!

What Are Those Things On the Front of Macropinna Microstoma’s Face If They Aren’t Eyes?

Olfactory organs, which are similar to OUR (human) nostrils.

How Long Is the Average Length?

Macropinna Microstoma are normally under 15 centimeters (6 inches)

Are It’s Eyes REALLY Green?

Scientists say that the actual eyes are gray and the green is almost like a contact. But of course, for different purpose, or is it?

Is There Anything Else Special About the Spookfish’s Eyes?

Yes. One is that the green capsuls over the fish’s eyes might filter light. Secondly, when it’s eyes are up they are there   to see pray above in the darkness, also to avoid capture. One more “interesting eye fact’ is that the eyes can move like birdwatching pointing binoculers to look forward too!

More Diet Facts


This is a picture of a siphonophore. The Barreleye supposedly steals food from this jelly. (It can grow up to 33ft) “The barreleye’s flat, horizontal fins may allow it to swim very precisely among the siphonophore’s stinging tentacles—and if the fish fumbles, the clear,
helmet-like shield may protect its eyes, according to MBARI scientists.” -Nat. Geo.


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