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Mission Atlantis Island


You’re shooting a high-budget underwater movie, when some strange creatures attack your vessel. It’s a different world under the sea… but the ancient secret at the bottom of the ocean is beyond your wildest dreams.

This is the second island to be released in multiple “episodes”. Scroll down for the full island guide!

Full Video Walkthrough

Written Guide

Episode 1

PictureThat’s for refusing me the key!

   The director of a high-budget underwater movie (appropriately named “Cam”) has contacted you to film a scene — how awesome! But there’s a few things wrong: this guy has lost the key to his own sub, and his own crew doesn’t trust him to use the sub anyway. Also the ship is called “Medusa”.

    Anyway, go to the topmost deck of the boat and talk to the man there. He won’t give you the key! Use the railing to jump to the platform above him, and click on the bucket. It’ll splash out and you collect the bucket. Drop down to the lowest deck and click on the squid. Your bucket will fill with ink; now go back to the platform above the man with the key. USE the bucket of ink, and the man will be blinded. Drop down and grab his key. Go to the left of the bottom deck and click on the lock.


    What are you waiting for? Click on the sub. Click the mouse in the direction you want to move there. Go all the way down, and follow the yellow

sea dragon

. When it gets near the bottom, click it and keep your ship facing it for a few seconds. You have your first photo!

    Go down and left until you get to an orange vent (see images below). Click on it once or twice, and the purple fish will swim to the bottom of the rock. Go down, click on the green one, go right, click on the purple one, go up, and click on the barreleye fish. That’s your second photo!

PictureFinal cuttlefish positions
(Click to enlarge)

    Now back up, go up, and do a sharp right. Go down-right until you see the


. He’s camera-shy, so back up into the cave and then you can photograph him.

    Now go right and up, to the cuttlefish hideout. There’s many red cuttlefish and a purple cuttlefish here, and there are red plants and purple plants here. You want to photograph the purple fish against the red plant. If you go too close to a plant, the fish hiding in it will go to the nearest unoccupied plant.

    Imagine that the bottom three plants are an upside-down triangle. So, push the red fish out of the plant at the left, and push the purple fish into that plant. Push the red fish into the plant at the bottom of the triangle. Then float up — there are two more plants are two more red fish here. Push the fish on the left out of the plant. Go down and push the purple fish out; it’ll go up. Go up and right, and push the red fish out of the red plant. Then push the purple fish; it’ll go into the plant to the right. This plant is red! Click on the fish to take a picture. Whew, so much work for one fish!

Go up and left, then go down at the first chance. Go left again, to the next area.


    Go left and down, and float over the red fish. Carefully avoiding the purple sea urchins, go right and float over the other red fish (only go down when the vent stops blowing). Both are following you now. Go down-left and pick up the next fish in the same way. Go left, then up, and turn right at the fork. Go up, then turn right. Go all the way up, then go right, to where you started. Then go down-left again until you see the brown


. Take a picture. Now go back to the main area to the right.


    Hey, look, a



(A hydromedusa is one stage in the life-cycle of a hydrozoan jellyfish).

Sounds like just the kind of fish you’d like to meet! Follow it right to the next area. There it is, hovering over a deep chasm. Click on it to take a picture. Hey… what’s that in the background? AHH! More of them! Hundreds more hydromedusae! They’ll


your poor sub to shreds, and you’ll plummet into the deep…

   Finally you land on a ledge. Because of the water pressure (the amount of water above you — even water has weight), you cannot float up. Hobble over to the right, and… hey, what are those purple lights…?

It’s the lost city of Atlantis!


Episode 2


    But how do you get in? Go right until you get to a purple glass column. Bash your vessel against it twice, and it’ll crack open. Go inside. Now you’re in the center of the fortress. Here, there are three exits that lead to the three main rooms of the fortress. There is also a huge orange-red circular door with three sea animals carved into it Each room has one of those animals. Now, go into the room below you.

     You’re in one of Poptropica’s favorite pipe mazes. Look around until you spot two gray pieces with markings on them in the pipes. You have to get them out. Go to the top-right and you’ll see a red button there. Starting from there, make a pipe from there to one of the artifact pieces (click a pipe section to rotate). Then click on the button. A pufferfish will be sucked in and go through the pipes, knocking the puzzle piece out! Repeat with the other piece, then make another path to the big tank at the left. The fish will get trapped in a force shield. Here’s a diagram:




    One down, two more to go. Now go to the top right of the area and go up through the passage, to the next scene. This room is full of doors that cannot be shattered. To open a door, you have to power the purple circle that’s connected to it by a red wire. But how do you power the circles? With jellyfish.

    Go up, and go left at the green sea grass. Go all the way left and stop; below you is a nest of hydromedusas. When you go down, one will start to follow you. You can lead it to a purple circle to activate the door it’s connected to, but if you get too close you’ll get shocked and if you let it out of your sight you’ll have to go back. Instructions (scroll down for a diagram):

  • Get a jellyfish, activate the first purple circle above the nest
  • Get another jellyfish, enter the door you just opened and activate the circle there.
  • Collect the puzzle piece.
  • Get another jellyfish, go to the first door you opened and activate the nearest circle there.
  • Enter the door you just opened and go left; collect another puzzle piece.
  • Get another jellyfish. Go up and then go right exactly straight. Activate the circle there.
  • Get another jellyfish and go to the last circle you activated. Go right, staying on the top side of the fork to avoid the electric eel. At the end, go down and left; activate this circle. Remember, even if the jellyfish or eel shocks you, the jellyfish will still stick around.
  • Get another jellyfish and go to the top-right. Enter the doors you just opened and go all the way right; activate the circle here. It’ll open a door below the eel.
  • Get another jellyfish and go through the door you just opened. The top fork will be easier again. Go down and left; the jellyfish will follow you into the force field and become trapped.


Follow the numbers in order in the diagram below

). Now go all the way up to the top of the area and go up the passage to the next area… the shark area.



PictureClick to zoom

    Go up; a fish will go through a tiny hole. Smash into the glass there and go in. The fish will start following you. Go left and smash the next glass. Go left and get the puzzle piece. Back out and go all the way up, until you hit the platform. Go left and up. There will be two panes of glass to either side of you. Smash each one and take the fishes out from each. Then go up and left. Smash the glass near your right and enter, getting the fourth fish. Go back left and up. There’s a silhouette of a SHARK above you!

    We need to lure him out. Float in front of the glass to the right… the shark will start trying to break out! It’ll attack the fish before it attacks you, though. Go down as fast as you can, in any direction (staying to the right works best). When you reach the absolute bottom of the area, go to the red tank in the center. The shark will try to follow you in but get stuck in the force field!

    Now go back to where you found the shark. Go right across from there, and break the purple glass. Go right and collect the puzzle piece. Now go to the bottom left of the area and go down, back to the main area.

    (See the detailed diagram to the right).


    Hey, we’re back in the main room! Click ASSEMBLE on the puzzle and arrange the puzzle. Now click on the glowing purple seat. Turn each ring of the puzzle piece until you see the smooth pattern: a small fish, then a bunch of larger fish behind it, then even more medium fish behind, then a big fish, and a huge fish all chasing each other.

    Now you’ll see some purple buttons. If you’ve been paying attention to similar markings around the fortress, these markings represent numbers. Click the numbers in order from smallest to largest (1-6) according to the following picture and the written one below.

  1. bottom-left
  2. right
  3. left
  4. bottom-right
  5. top-left
  6. top-right

    Suddenly, the door will become charged and spin around to admit your ship! Just as you’re sucked into the purple void, an alien transmission appears…


I wonder where we’re going… and I wonder if we’ll be welcome there…


Episode 3


    You start off deep in the heart of the ship, in front of the locked door. If you can’t escape, then explore! Go down and right, to the next area. Whoa! Who is that transmission from? Anyway, keep going right and exit to the next area. Go all the way up, to the next area. Go up and around the large sphere, then go right to the switch. Press the green button and a charged green disk will fly out, which you can push.

    Push it up, around the huge sphere, and then down through the gate at the far right. Push it into the green target on the bottom and suddenly, some some strange purple images will start flashing before your eyes. These aliens definitely look sinister.



    The door you entered will close. Go up and press the red switch to open the other door, and leave. Go all the way left to the end of the area, then go down. This area will be lit up, showing ancient creatures such as trilobites, anglerfish, early reptiles, and some huge monster that (hopefully) doesn’t exist anymore. Go all the way down and left, to the next area.

PictureClick to zoom

    Go up through the gate, and press the red switch to open the door. Go left through the door and press the green switch to get a charged disk. Push it right, through the door you just opened. Press the red switch again. Push the disk up, through the door, and stop it there. Now go up without the disk and then go all the way left; there’ll be another red switch next to a green door. Press the switch and go down through the door, then go right; there’s your disk! Get behind the disk and push it left, through the door you came through. Push it up, through the door by the switch. Then keep pushing it all the way to the top-right, where it’ll slide into the disc reader. More images… this spaceship is old! A transmission about “life support” will come. Sounds like the ship is preparing for something big!


    Go all the way down and go back right, to the animals area. Go up. Uh oh… looks like the huge monster is alive and at large! Go right, past the broken cage, and all the way right. Go a little down, then as far left as you can. Go down again. The lights return, and… another switch! Press it to get the disk, then push the disk up. Push the disk hard into the hole to the right. The monster will pop out and eat it! Quickly pass the monster.

    Press the red switch to the right, then go up through the newly opened doorway. Go left; you’ll loop around back to the green switch. Press it to get another disc, then go back the way you just came. Press the red switch again, then push the disk down the open doorway. Push it into the disc reader — more purple images! The ship has been wrecked here since the dinosaur times!


PictureWe meet again.

    The small sphere comes to life! It’ll ask you to find it… not the sphere, but the pilot. Go up, then left, making your way to the very bottom left of the scene so you can exit. A new door has opened! To reach it, go straight up, then all the way left. Now go up the door. Run right and jump your way up to the pilot. Talk to him. GAAH, he’s dead! Steal his costume. But who’s in charge of the ship? Click on the computer. You’ll see all the images in order, and finally… the ship’s gonna launch!


    Drop down the way you came and enter your submarine. Reach the bottom any way you want; the doors open and close on a timer now. Go left to the area you started in. Click on the door. You’ll be sucked out and teleported back onto the


. Meanwhile the ship rises spectacularly and blasts through the stars, back home at last. Congratulations on cracking the mystery of Atlantis at last!

Did this last episode remind anyone of Sphere, by Michael Crichton? I loved that book, and this reminded me of it. Scroll down to read the comments!


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