Most TERRIFYING Creatures In The Mariana Trench!


Check out the Most TERRIFYING Creatures In The Mariana Trench! From the most mysterious deep sea monsters to other creepy ocean creatures that live in the deepest place on earth, this top 10 list of scariest animals will amaze you!

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9. Dumbo Octopus
The Dumbo Octopus is not only one that lives in the Mariana Trench, but it’s also one that is the deepest dwelling Octopus in the world today that we know of.
At first, you might not think much of this particular Octopus, mainly because it’s only 12 inches long on average, and it has floppy “ears”, which is why it’s called the Dumbo Octopus, after the legendary Disney character.

8. Angler Fish
Due to the depths of the Mariana Trench, there is no sunlight that reaches its area of water. In fact, to even reach the top you would still be 36,000 feet below sea level. For the most part, the Mariana Trench is pitch black, with the exception of creatures who can emit their own light via Bioluminescence like the Angler Fish.

7. Deep Sea Dragonfish
In the Mariana Trench, there are all sorts of predators, and the Deep Sea Dragonfish is one that would definitely get the nickname of “assassin” amongst the other predators of the deep. This is because of not only how it hunts for food, but rather, because of its massive teeth that protrude out of its head.

6. Zombie Worm
No, this is not a creature that has been reanimated after dying, rather, this is a parasitic underwater worm that is able to bore into the bones of its prey and get all the nutrients and sustenance it needs in order to survive. Now, usually, a parasite like this would do the “draining” through its mouth, but the Zombie Worm actually doesn’t have one.

5 Barreleye Fish
One of the most basic uses of skin in both animals and humans is that it prevents you from seeing inside your own body, but with the Barreleye Fish in the Mariana Trench, it’s a creature that doesn’t mind you seeing inside its head. Literally.

4. Hatchetfish
Named after their body shape, Hatchetfish are very thin fish, but ones who are perfectly adapted to the terrain of the Mariana Trench. For example, their eyes are very well adjusted to the darkness of the Trench, they’re able to absorb light in such a way that they can perfectly see what’s above them. But their skills with light go beyond that.

3. Frilled Shark
On first glance, you might not comprehend that the Frilled Shark is a shark at all. But rather, some type of massive eel, or even a sea dinosaur depending on how you via the head of this beast. Yet, it is a shark, well and true.

2. Goblin Shark
Sharks are feared in every part of the world, but in the depths of the Mariana Trench is one called the Goblin Shark, and there is no doubt this is a terrifying creature to look at.
First and foremost, this shark is very large in size, as they can grow up to 18 feet in length. But the true terror of the Goblin Shark comes in the form of its head, which is both misshapen, mismatched, and yet very predatory.

1. The Unknown
Some say the most terrifying things out there in the world right now are the unknown creatures and entities just waiting to be found. When it comes to the Mariana Trench, that fear might just be personified through it. After all, because of the very dense nature of the trench (again, 36,000 feet below sea level just to scratch the surface of it), we can’t just go down to explore it.

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