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  • What is a Fish?

  • Classification • Kingdom- Animalia • Phylum- Chordata • Sub Phylum- Vertebrate • Classes- Jawless, Cartilaginous & Bony Fishes

  • Characteristics of Fishes: • all Vertebrates • all live in water • obtain oxygen through gills • have fins • most are ectotherms • MOST have scales

  • * Laminid- endothermic shark

  • Let’s go to the Video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN7ISLbOhGo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zoygy-8PTtU barreleye For the first time, a large Pacific barreleye fish – complete with transparent head – has been caught on film by scientists using remotely operated vehicles at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. The deep-sea fish’s tubular eyes pivot under a clear dome.

  • 3 Major Groups of Fishes

  • 1. JAWLESS FISH Jawless fish: Lampreys, Hagfish

  • Types of JAWLESS FISH • Hagfish- Ocean scavengers, eat dead & decaying bodies • Lamprey- fresh and salt water, they are parasitic and prey on other fish. * Both have skeletons made of cartilage and sucker-like mouths.

  • Characteristics of Jawless Fish • NO jaws • instead have mouths used for scraping, stabbing, and sucking food • NO scales

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DlWftios0s A Sliming Hagfish

  • The Sea Lamprey

  • Sea Lamprey Video Clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SYhOD1Yx10

  • 2. Cartilaginous Fish: Sharks, Rays, & Skates

  • Charateristics of Cartilaginous Fishes • Have Jaws • Have Scales- pointed & toothlike • Skeletons made of Cartilage • MOST have live Birth • Carnivores

  • Sharks, Skates & Rays • Sharks andRays- can’t pump water over gills and must keep moving to breathe.

  • Skates vs Rays • Skates – egg laying • Rays- Live Birth • Skates – larger dorsal fin • Rays- Larger than skates

  • Shaaaaaaark!!!!!

  • More Shark Attacks??????

  • They get a Bad Rap 🙁

  • 3. Bony Fishes • Bony Fish:Salmon, Carp, Tuna • Over 20,000 different species • 95%of all fish species

  • Characteristics of Bony Fish…. • Has jaws • Has scales • Pocket on each side of head to hold gills • Skeleton of Hard Bones • Swim Bladder • Fins

  • Swim Bladder • internal balloon-like organ – filled with gas • helps fish stay stable at different depths of water using less energy

  • Fish Respiration • Water flows over Gills as fish opens mouth and swims. • Oxygen diffuses from the water into the blood.

  • Up Close and Personal

  • Function of the Gills

  • Types of Bony Fishes Ray Finned: • Most fish are this type • Fins are supported by bony structures called Rays. Lobe Finned: • Fins are long, fleshy, muscular, supported by central core of bones. • Thought to be ancestors of amphibians. • Examples are: Coelacanth, Lungfish

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZuVyPRhFME Bizarre Bony Fish

  • Bizarre Fish the Sequel

  • Fish Anatomy

  • Fins

  • Different Dorsal Fins

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