The Unique Pacific Barreleye Fish



The Pacific Barreleye has a very unique feature – it’s head is completely transparent! Not only does this jump it to the top of the list for “most amazing fish ever,” but it allows scientists to see a living, operating, thinking brain, and how the eye works in action. As you might be able to see in the picture, the fish’s eye is completely capsuled inside the head, and those eye-looking dark spots where most eyes usually are are actually its nostrils. (Those green “marbles” are the top of its eyeball.) The eyes have a barrel shape – hence its name, – and can be rotated straight up so the fish can literally see through its head. That’s creepy. I wonder if it can even see its own brain? Ew. Here’s a video explaining more about the fish, newly discovered in 2004.



(via Real Monstrosities)


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