TRANSPARENT FISH – real or fake?


The photo was sent in by Amos Christophers shows one of the most beautiful transparent fish I have ever seen… The caption said it was caught in New Zealand.

But is this picture real? Or is it just another big fat photoshop fake… Why don’t we take a look? #realorfake

The first thing I did was post this on my facebook because there are some very good people there who can figure this stuff out in seconds.

ON THE ONE HAND there were a lot of people who said it was real. One viewer said “there are many baby fish that are transparent.”

But on the other hand, there were many others who said it was fake… pointing to some photoshop fakes they had foun.

I sent the picture to my research group – The Chewy Piranahs who checked with the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium… and thanks to them, I now have this… the official answer…


OK you ready? And go…

Ok did you do it ? Great because in a few seconds, I’m going to open this up and give you the official answer, but first I want to show you some of the other crazy stuff that showed up in my inbox recently.

This one called Tiger rabbit was sent in Erin Griffin who wanted to know if it is real or not… Erin, I don’t know how to break it to you gently, so I am just going to say it.

So Fake it is funny!

Giant Monkeys take over City was sent in Tyler Loop from Canada. Tyler, unless you are trying to make a joke about Canadian politics, this is…


roylanda balinbin sent in this picture of a 2 colored cat. Roylanda, not only is the cat real. It has it’s own facebook page. It’s name is Venus and nobody really knows why she was born with a face like that…

Ok now let’s get back to our little fish here who was born with no color… you ready?

The photo of the tiny transparent fish has been investigated. Based on the evidence presented, it has unanimously agreed that the photo is 100%, without any margin of error… REAL….

Real? Are you kidding? Alright if it’s real.. That leads me to my next question. If it’s real? What is it?

No sooner did I post it on facebook than 47 comments filled the page with all sorts of opinions….

Iliana Reyes Tan said it was a real Jellyfish but Dota Pierrezkie Lamazon declared it as a fake! Vern Manyan said it was an Indian Glassy fish, and Jamie Ford was convinced it was a juvenile yellow tang.

(is that like the drink?)

Gradually, a consensus began to develop around the notion that whatever this is, it’s a juvenile. As reader Von Bonson pointed out. “ At a younger stage, many marine animals are transparent to help them avoid predators.”

Makes sense to me!

Gordon Park was the first one to identify the creature as a juvenile surgeon fish… which, chewly piranha researcher Homza Andreas quickly provided the wikipedia page for…

As it turns out these fish grow up to be a beautiful blue color and very popular among aquarium owners. It grows up to about 30cm (or 12 inches) and lives in a wide range, including the waters near New Zealand.

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