What does barrel eye fish eats?


Which fish has a light producing organ?

there are three different kinds of fish that produce light and they are oar fish and lantern fish and barrel eye fish

What eats blue gill fish?

what eats bluegill fish?

Do fish eat wheat or atta?

fish eats atta fish eats mummy

What eats the wrasse fish?

it eats toutog fish and shirmp and limpets

What eats exotic fish?

Rachael the Cow eats Exotic Fish

What eats platyhelminthes?

You maybe… fish eats platyhelminthes then human eats fish.. therefore you eat flatworms..

What does an angler fish eat and what eats an angler fish?

angler fish eats various sea fish. and monkfish eat angler fish

What kind of animal is piscivorous?

A piscivorous animal is an animal that eats fish and only fish. Like an insectivore eats insects a piscicore eats fish.

What eats plankton and fish?

A Minke Whale eats plankton and fish. It also eats krill. Anchovies do eat plankton as well as fish larvae.

What desert bird eats the barrel cactus?

No bird eats the barrel cactus. However, some birds may feed on the fruit of the plant and its seeds.

What eats big fish?

What eats a big fish is seagulls,sharks,humans,and dolphin

What eats hatchet fish?

A Tuna eats a Hatchet fish when it swim nears Bye

What happens to a dog that eats fish and does the dog die?

no, your dog will not die if it eats fish.

What eats a array?

the fish eats an array

What eats a stickleback fish?

The main fish that eats the stickleback fish is the brown trout. There are also many birds that eat the stickleback fish.


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